Kite (fourteen_kites) wrote,

APH Rarepairs Exchange: concluding~

Aaaand another art fill I did for aph_rarexchange (the last one, so I'll stop with the journal spam now. |D)

Title: Don't reckon this is flying, but...
Author/Artist: [info]fourteen_kites
Pairing(s): America/Australia
Prompt: "I'm not sure if this falls under the category of "happy, dorky things," but I would love to see them adventuring and/or interacting with wildlife in Australia. Some suggestions: snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef, swimming with dolphins in Jervis Bay, feeding orphan kangaroos and wallabies at Myella (, canyoning (described as a combination of abseiling, sliding down waterfalls and jumping into deep pools of water)—but those are just ideas. Whether they are hanging out as friends or as romantic partners, I leave up to you. Thank you if you accept this request, and no worries if you don't!"
Rating: G


( ... America sure looks like he thinks he can fly. )
Tags: art, fanwork exchange, hetalia

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