Kite (fourteen_kites) wrote,

Assorted RoChu artstuffs

And before I knew it, I had accumulated enough RoChu arts for an art dump! (Oh man, some of these pictures are old, haha)
I figured I should put these on my LJ, seeing as it's supposed to be my primary Hetalia-fanart collection area/dumping ground. ^^;

Title: Just some RoChu artstuffs...
Author/Artist: [info]fourteen_kites
Characters/Pairings: Russia/China, with a guest appearance by the rest of the Allies
Rating: G
Warnings: Image heavy?
Summary: Borscht is good and so is mathematics, the postal service is very untrustworthy, Russia changes his flag and red is just a pretty colour.


( Six or so pictures... )
Tags: art, hetalia

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